Tyr vs Athena

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Tyr vs Athena is in my opinion, the fairest match up yet. Tyr was the Norse god of war. Unlike Ares in Greek mythology, Tyr was a loyal, brave god and lost his right hand in the name of Odin. Loki married a giantess who gave birth to an immensely powerful wolf named Fenris. The oracle foretold that Fenris would be the downfall of Odin. Odin sent the gods to tie up Fenris. Fenris thought this was a game and easily broke all the chains that were brought forth. So Odin went to the elves, the greatest craftsmen in all of the land, to forge a magic rope that could hold even the greatest strengths. The elves made a rope out of the tenth life of a cat, and the voice of a fish, both of which are no longer found on earth. When Fenris saw the rope, he sensed magic. Finally the gods negotiated that one of them should put their hand between the jaws of Fenris. If the rope was magic, then Fenris would bite and that god or goddess would lose their arm. Tyr put his hand between the massive jaws of Fenris, knowing he would make a sacrifice of his hand for the sake of Odin. From that day on, Tyr learned to use his left arm to eat and wield the weapons of war. Tuesday is also named after Tyr, as another name for Tyr is Twi. Athena was a goddess of crafts, and was a master of the loom. She created spiders, when the boastful Arachne bragged that she was better than Athena at weaving. They had a competition, and Athena won. She turned Arachne into a spider, allowing Arachne to continue to weave for the rest of her life. Athena was also the patron goddess of Athens, the modern capital of Greece.

Athena standing in front of Athens

Athena standing in front of Athens



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3 Responses to “Tyr vs Athena”

  1.   blowtheblues Says:

    I am very impressed by your writing. The examples on here are just great. I also am Mrs T and teach grade 5 which we call year 6 in England. I will show my blog to your class. Well done and keep up your excellent blogging.


  2.   zooeyroom11 Says:

    You should also match up Greek gods with Egyptian gods. Athena would be good to match with Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and wisdom.


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